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1.     Mutton without bone- 1- 1 ½ kgs
2.     Haleem rava-500 gm
3.     Daal Toor- 100 gm
4.     Daal maash- 100 gm
5.     Almond - 50 gm
6.     Cashew nuts- 50 gm
7.    khash khash- 25 gm 
8.    Badi Elaichi- 3
9.    Bay leaves- 3 
10.  Curd- 200 gm 
11.   Malai / Cream- 250 gm 
12.  Ghee - 250 gm
13.  Shazira Powder- 2 tsp
14.  Elaichi powder- 2 tsp
15. Cinnamon powder- 1 tsp
16. Dhanya powder- 1 tsp 
17. Zeera powder- 1 tsp 
18.  Shazira - 1 tsp  
19.  Kababchini- 2 tsp
20.   Onion -4
21.  Salt- 4 tsp
22.  Green chili - 20 (paste)
23.   Garlic ginger paste- 4 tsp
24.  Turmeric powder- 1  tsp 
25.   Coriander- 4 bunch
26.  Mint- 2 bunch
27. Black pepper powder- 2 tsp

  • Wash haleem  rava add 4 ltr water, salt ( 2 tsp). Soak this for 2 hrs. And cook till it becomes tender. Now mash it.
  • Wash maash and toor daal and cook till it becomes tender. Mash it to get paste.
  • Add these daal paste to rava paste. Mix well.
  • Roast khash- khash and grind it along with badi- elaichi and bay leaves. 
  • Also grind almond and cashew nuts to get powder.
  • Now take a bowl and beat malai and then beat curd in it, then add the grinded khash- khash mixture and the almond and cashew nuts powder. Also add cinnamon powder,  elaichi powder, shazira powder, dhanya powder, zeera powder. Mix this well.
  • Keep a vessel on stove and pour ghee and fry slices of onion till it turns golden brown. Take it off from ghee and mash when it cools down and keep aside.
  • In the same ghee fry shazira, , kababchini for 2 mins.
  • Now add mutton, garlic ginger paste, turmeric powder, green chili paste, salt (2 tsp) and fry this well till water of meat dries.

  • Now add the curd mixture kept in the bowl.
  • Add water and cook till mutton becomes tender.
  • When meat turns tender add 400 ml of water if water is not left, otherwise it is not required.
  • Now add black pepper powder, chopped coriander, mint and the half of fried onion which was kept aside cover vessel with lid. Boil it for 2 mins. Then keep on lowest flame for 5 mins. Put off the stove. 
  • Take out the mutton pieces from soup and mash mutton.
  • Now to the above rava and daal mix add mashed mutton, and mix well.
  • Now add the  mutton soup. Mix this well. Keep it on stove and cook for 10 mins. Put off the stove.
  • Haleem is ready.
  • Serve in a plate and garnish with fried onion which was kept aside and chopped coriander, mint and lemon.

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