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1.     Badam- 100 gm
2.      Pista- 100 gm
3.     Kaju- 100 gm
4.     Akhrot- 100 gm
5.     Anjeer- 100 gm
6.     Kishmish- 100 gm
7.     Gond- 100 gm
8.     Dry coconut - 100 gm
9.     Chirongi – 50 gm
10. Water melon seeds  without skin – 50 gm
11.  Khrbooza Seeds without skin- 50 gm
12.  Phool makhana- 50 gm
13.  Taal makhana- 50 gm (do not fry)
14.   Kanghi ke beej- 50 gm (do not fry)
15.  Ghee or olive oil- 250 gm or more
16.  Honey or Misri - 500 gm

  • In a vessel pour ghee or olive oil and fry all the above ingredients one by one except taal makhana and kanghi ke beej.
  • Let this cool down to normal temperature.
  • Now grind the fried ingredients one by one to get powder and take it off in a big vessel.
  • Now mix all the grinded ingredients with hands.
  • Now add honey and mix with hands.
  • Now make its small balls and keep.
  • Panjeri is ready. Its really good for health and also taste.
  • If you are adding misri then need not make its balls instead grind it along with all ingredients and mix. Let Panjeri  be in powdered form. 


  1. Hi

    Where do you get kanghi ke beej

  2. You can get it from any 'dawa saaz' shop.


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  4. You can add kamar-kas gond (gum) as well to get rid of back pain and body pains, especially for women after delivery.


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