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Banana cake


1.     Banana-6
2.     Eggs- 3
3.     Cashew nuts- 25 gm (optional)
4.     Almonds- 25 gm (optional)
5.     Raisins- 25 gm (optional)
6.     Baking powder- ½ tsp
7.     Wheat flour- 200 gm
8.     Sugar- 200 gm
9.     Butter- 100 gm


  • Peel off skin off almonds and chop.
  • Remove skin of banana and mash.
  • Keep a pan on stove and add butter, fry cashew nuts  till cashew nuts turns light golden.
  • Now add mashed banana and fry.  Then add 100 gm sugar and fry. Then add raisins mix it.
  • Put off the stove and let this cool down a little.
  • Take bowl and beat eggs and add sugar in it and beat once again then  add flour and baking soda and beat very well.
  • Now add the banana mix to this. Mix this well. This is cake mix.
  • Take a non- stick pan and apply butter to it, then spread chopped almonds and pour the cake mix . Cover with lid.
  • Keep the pan on stove. Keep on high flame for 1 min then on lowest flame for 15- 20 mins.
  • Now remove the lid and with a help of spoon keep cake upside down. Once again cover it with lid.
  • Keep on lowest flame for 10 mins.
  • Put off the flame. Let it come to room temperature.
  • Banana cake is now ready to serve.

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