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Chicken Masala

1.     Chicken - 1 ½  to 2  kg
2.     Onion- 1
3.     Oil- 100 ml
4.     Khash Khash- 50 gm
5.     Almond- 50 gm
6.     Cashew nuts- 50 gm
7.     Dry coconut powder- 50 gm 
8.     Shazira Elaichi powder-2 tsp
9.     Shazira- 1 tsp
10.   Elaichi- 1 tsp
11.  Cinnamon- 4 pieces (3 inch each)
12.    Curd- 200 gm
13.   Malai / Cream- 200 gm
14.  Salt- 1 ½  tsp
15.   Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
16.   Garlic & ginger paste- 2 tsp
17.   Turmeric powder- ½  tsp
18.  Green chillies- 10 (paste)
19.   Corriander- 3 bunches
20. Mint- 1 bunch
  • Roast khash khash and coconut seperately.
  • Grind roasted khash khas, almonds, cashew nuts and roasted coconut seperately and take in a bowl. And mix curd , malai and shazira-elaichi powder with it.
  • Keep a vessel on stove, pour oil and fry onion till it is golden brown remove it from oil, when it cools down mash and keep it aside.
  • To the same oil add shazira , elaichi and cinnamon and fry until it turns light golden.
  •  Add chicken, salt, red chilli, garlic & ginger, turmeric and green chilli and fry this well untill water of chicken dries.
  • Then add curd mixture which was kept aside, mix well and add 1 ltr water. After adding water cover the lid until chicken becomes tender.
  • Now remove lid and add coriander, mint and leave it to boil for 1 min. Then leave this on sim for 15 mins, cover the lid by keeping a small gap.  Put off the stove.
  • Your Chicken Masala is now ready to eat.
  • Serve this with Naan.


  1. hi.... i just went thru ur recipes which is really very tempting....i will definetly try ur recipes..... i have a query related to shahzira elachi powder !!!!! cud u plz tell me what is the ratio of shahzira and elachi to make powder.... i hope i wud get my answer as earliest....thank u

  2. Thank you. I am glad that you liked our site.
    As far as Shazira Elaichi powder is concerned...
    Take 50 gm Shazira and 50 gm Elaichi.
    Remove the skin of Elaichi and grind the elaichi seeds and shazira together.
    Remember to weigh the whole Elaichi i.e., along with its skin not just the seeds.


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