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Boiled And Fried Eggs

1.     Eggs- 6
2.     Black pepper powder- ½ tsp
3.     Salt- 1 tsp
4.     Oil- 2 tbs
  • Take a small bowl and mix black pepper powder and salt. Keep it aside.
  • Boil eggs for 10 mins.
  • Remove  skin of the boiled eggs.
  • Make three slit at equal distance on eggs(see to it that eggs are not cut into pieces).
  • Fill each slit with one pinch of black pepper powder and salt mix which was kept aside.
  • Take a non- stick pan and keep on stove, pour oil and put egg and shallow fry (keep on changing position of eggs so that it is cooked evenly) till the eggs turn golden.
  • Put off the stove. It is ready to serve.

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