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Mango Pickle

1.     Raw mango- 5kg
2.     Zeera- 100 gm
3.     Rai- 100 gm
4.     Methi seeds- 50 gm
5.     Garlic- 1 kg
6.     Salt - 1 1/2  Kg
7.     Red chili powder- 1 Kg
8. Turmeric powder- 200 gm
Ingredients For Bagar:
1.     Oil- 2 1/2  kg
2.     Zeera- 50 gm
3.     Rai- 50 gm
4.     Methi seeds- 25 gm
5.     Kalonji- 25 gm
6.     Dry red chili- 50 gm
Method for Bagaar (seasoning):
  • Heat oil in a vessel.
  • Add zeera (50 gm)and fry till it turns light golden.
  • Then add rai (50 gm).
  • After 2 minutes add methi seeds (25 gm),  kalonji (25 gm) and dry red chilies (50 gm).
  • Put off the stove when red chilies turn black.
  • Keep this aside till its temperature comes down to room temperature.


  • Now lightly roast zeera, rai, methi seeds separately. Let its temperature come down to room temperature. Now grind this and pass it though mesh and take the fine powder. Keep this aside.
  • Peel off skin of garlic and make its paste.
  • Wash raw mangoes and let it dry completely. There shouldn’t be even a drop of water. Cut it into small pieces.
  • When oil cools (which was kept aside), add the above roasted spices powder, garlic paste, red chili powder, salt and turmeric powder. Mix this very well with spoon. Now add the raw mango pieces to it.  Mix this very well with spoon.
  • Achar is ready.
  • Fill this in glass, chini or plastic vessel. Leave this for 30 days. Then enjoy the achar.
  • Do not store in any vessel than the one mentioned above.


  1. I don't like kalonji seeds it is important to add can I add fenugreek seed directly without making powder

  2. If you don't like kalonji you may avoid it.
    But even if you add, particular kalonji flavor won't be dominant.

  3. thank's for reply
    recipe is for 5 kg but my friend mom is telling me for 1 kg I should take zeera powder 100 grms and rai powder 50 grms is it right plz tell me

  4. My pleasure...
    when you are taking 1kg of raw mangoes, it is 1/5th of the recipe. so you need to take all ingredients as 1/5th of whats written.
    For example: you need to take 1/5th of 100gm for zeera. ie; 20gm
    Just like that take 1/5th of all ingredients.

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