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Bagara Khana

1.     Rice-500 gm
2.     Salt- 1 tsp
3.     Ginger Garlic paste-1 tsp
4.     Green chillies-10
5.     Oil- 50 gm
6.     Onion-1
7.     Bay leaves-3
8.     Shazira-elaichi powder-1 tsp
9.     Mint- 1 bunch
10. Coriander- 2 bunches
  • In a vessel add oil and add onion, green chillies after frying this add garlic ginger paste and fry. When garlic ginger starts sticking to the base of the vessel add mint and coriander. Fry it well and add water, salt and shazira elaichi. Let this  boil for 2 mins then add rice.
  • Let this be on stove until rice cooks and water dries.
  • Bagara Khana is ready. It tastes really great with Dalcha or Shahi Khorma or Mutton Khorma.

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