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Shahi Halwa

1.     Khowa- 1 kg
2.     Almonds – 250 gm
3.     Walnut- 250 gm
4.     Cashew nuts- 250 gm
5.     Pistachio- 250 gm
6.     Saffron- 1 gram
7.     Honey – 750 gm
8.     Ghee- 200 gm
  • In a vessel take ghee and fry almond, walnut, cashew nuts and pistachio one by one till it turns light brown.
  • when these cools down grind each dry fruit separately . And also saffron.
  • To The ghee left after frying dry fruits, add khowa and fry. To this add all the dry fruits, saffron and honey and cook on medium flame for 20- 30 mins.
  • Make sure to stir continuously throughout cooking.
  • Shahi halwa is ready. 
  • serve at room temperature.
  • Shahi halwa is very tasty and also very healthy.

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