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Chana Daal Halwa


1.     Chana daal- 250 gm
2.     Ghee olive oil- 200 gm
3.     Sugar – 500 gm
4.     Saffron – ½  tsp
5.     Khowa- 500 gm

  • Take sugar in a vessel, add water till sugar submerges, saffron and boil for 5 mins. This is your sugar syrup.
  • Cook khova for 5 mins by adding a cup of water. Keep stirring so that khova do not stick to the bottom of vessel.
  • Now add sugar syrup to khova and cook for 2 mins. Keep this aside.
  • Now wash daal , add water and cook till it becomes tender.
  • Then either mash or grind daal to get a paste.
  • Keep vessel on a stove, pour ghee and add daal paste.
  •  Cook this paste till it turns golden in color. Then add khova and sugar mix. Keep this stirring continuously till water dries and ghee starts pouring out of it.
  • Chana daal halwa is ready.


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