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Imli Ka Khatta

  1. Tamarind (imli)- 100 gm
  2. Onion-1
  3. Red chili powder-1 tsp
  4. Salt - 1tsp
  5.  Garlic ginger paste- ¼ tsp
  6. Turmeric powder-2 pinch
  7. Coriander-1
  8. Mint leaves- few
Ingredients For Bagar:
  1. Oil- 30 gm
  2. Zeera- ½  tsp
  3. Rai- ¼ tsp
  4. Dried red chillies- 4
  • Soak tamarind in water for 1 hr and then mash it with hand. Now remove that water in a bowl.
  • Again add water (1 glass) to the remaining tamarind and mash with hand and remove the water in the same bowl. This is called ‘Khatta’.
  • Throw off the remaining of tamarind.
  • Now add water( ½ glass) to the khatta.
  • Then add red chilli powder, salt, garlic ginger paste, coriander, mint, onion (cut into small pieces) and mix well.
  • In a vessel pour oil and heat.
  • Then add zeera till it turns light brown.
  • Then add rai, dried red chilli and fry.
  • Put off the stove and add turmeric powder.
  • To this vessel add khatta.
  • Imli ka khatta is ready.
  •  Serve it with khichdi.

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