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Til Ki Chutni

  1. Sesame (til)- 100 gm
  2. Tamarind paste- 50 gm
  3. Green chillies- 10
  4. Coriander- 1 bunch
  5. Mint- few leaves
  6. Garlic ginger paste- ¼  tsp
  7. salt to taste
Ingredients For Bagar:
  1. Zeera- ½ tsp
  2. Rai- ¼ tsp
  3. Curry leaves- few
  4. Dried red chillis- 4
  • Heat oil and fry green chillies, coriander and mint. Remove it from oil and keep aside.
  • Roast sesame seeds and grind.
  • Then add the fried green chillies, coriander and mint and grind.
  • Now add tamarind paste, garlic ginger paste and salt and grind. Now put this in a bowl.
  • Pour oil in a pan and fry zeera till it turns light brown, then add rai, dried red chilies ( cut into two pieces) and fry. Now add curry leaves and fry.
  • Put off the stove and put this bagar in the chutni and mix well.
  • Til ki chutni is ready to serve.

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