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Chicken Biryani


1.     Chicken-2 kg
2.     Onion -1
3.     Oil/ghee - 200 gm
4.     Basmati rice-1kg
5.     Salt-2 ½ tsp for meat & 2 ½ tsp for rice
6.     Red chilli powder-1 tsp
7.     Green chillies-15 (paste)
8.     Garlic & Ginger paste- 3 tsp
9.     Turmeric powder- ¼ tsp
10.   Curd-200 gm
11.    Malai / Cream-250 gm
12.    Lemon-2
13.    Shazira powder- 1 ½ tsp
14.    Elaichi powder- 1 ½ tsp
15.    Cloves -10
16.  Milk- 250 ml
17.    Corriander- 4
18.    Mint- 2

  • Fry onion in oil till it is golden brown and remove it from oil and mash. Keep the remaining oil and fried onion aside.
  • Cleanse chicken then add  salt , red chilli, green chilli, garlic ginger and turmeric powder and mix this together with hands.
  •  Now add curd, malai, lemon juice, cloves, shazira powder, elaichi powder, fried onion, corriander, mint and mix this well with your hands and keep it for marination for minimum of 2 hrs under normal temperature or upto 24 hrs under refrigeration.
  • Wash basmati rice and soak in water for 1 hr.
  • Then keep 5 ltrs water on stove and add 2 ½ tsp salt and bring it to boil then add the rice by draining the water. Now leave it on stove untill the rice is half cooked. Then drain the water.
  • Now pour the rice on marinated chicken then pour the oil upon rice which was kept aside after frying onion. Also pour milk.
  • Now wrap thick cotton cloth on lid of the vessel then cover the vessel with it and also keep 10 kg weight over it.
  • Keep the vessel on high flame for 5 mins then on lowest flame for 30-35 mins.
  • Put off the stove. 
  • Hyderabadi  Chicken Biryani is ready. You may serve with curd or Masaledaar Tamate or Mirchiyon ka Salan.


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