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Sweet Rice

1.     Basmati rice- 500 gm
2.     Khowa- 500 gm
3.     Sugar- 1 kg
4.     Almonds - 100 gm
5.     Ghee- 50 gm
6.     Saffron color- ½ tsp

  • Wash rice and soak for 1hr.
  • Soak almond in water for 5-6 hrs, remove skin and cut into small pieces.
  • Take sugar in a vessel and add 1ltr water and saffron color. Boil this for 5 mins and keep aside. This is your sugar syrup.
  • Keep a vessel on stove and add ghee. 
  • Then add khova to this and cook for 5 mins. Keep stirring continuously.
  • Then add sugar syrup and almonds to this and cook for 2 mins. Keep this aside. This is khova mixture.
  • Now keep vessel of rice on stove and cook. After draining water add this rice to khova mixture. Cook for 10- 15 mins on high flame.
  • Do not let the water dry completely, put off the stove. When the sweet cools down the remaining water will dry.
  • Sweet rice is ready to serve. 

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